Unemployment Insurance

Oregon unemployment insurance benefits are available to workers who are out of work due to no fault of their own.  Benefits are paid by a special fund which comes from tax payments from Oregon employers. A basic misconception of Oregon unemployment insurance is that it is funded by taxes paid by Oregon workers. 

The Oregon Employment Department employes very specific rules to determine who is eligible to receive unemployment benefits; however, the basic eligibility requirement is sufficient wages within your base year to qualify you to receive unemployment benefits.  Once you qualify for unemployment benefits, the Employment Department will evaluate why you no longer have a job.  If you were laid off or had good cause to leave your employment, you will most likely be entitled to benefits. 

Once eligible, you must remain able, available and actively seeking work every week you claim benefits to maintain eligibility.

If you have been denied unemployment benefits or are unsure if you qualify, contact our office today to set up a legal consultation regarding your situation. 


DO NOT DELAY!  There is little time to appeal an unemployment denial!