I can't work. Am I disabled?

I can't work.  Am I disabled?

"Disability" is defined differently by various rules, laws and policies.  The Social Security Administration has a very specific definition of disability, and only provides benefits for total disabilities, not partial disability.  This means that your disability must have lasted or be expected to last for at least one year, in order to qualify for social security disability benefits.

After a cursory review of basic eligibility requirements, including an assessment of your work credits and current work activities, the application will be sent to Disability Determination Services (DDS) in your state.  The SSA contracts the initial decision regarding disability applications to the State Agency. 

When applying for disability benefits, you will be asked to provide information regarding your disability.  Of particular import, DDS will look at the condition(s) that cause you to be disabled, the medical treatment you have had and anticipate to have, the opinions of your medical providers, your symptoms, and the likelihood that your condition(s) will improve with time and treatment.

In addition to your medical information, DDS will also evaluate the type of work you have performed in the past, and the type of work you are able to do at the time of your application.

Just because your initial application for disability benefits is denied, does not mean you are not disabled.  You must prove you are disabled. Let us help.

We draw on our experience with the Social Security laws and regulations, in addition to our experience, to help you put your best case forward.  Call today to set up a free consultation regarding your claim for social security disability benefits.  No upfront fees.  We only get paid after you are granted benefits.